e mërkurë, 13 qershor 2007

Lightening Lee Murray Update

According to Sky News, the fate of our favorite bad boy of mma will be determined in a couple of days when the Moroccan Supreme Court decides whether to extradite Lee to the UK for his alleged involvement in the infamous Securitas Raid in February of 2006. Alternatively, the Court has the authority to order that Lee be tried by the Moroccan legal system for the same crime. While it unclear whether the filthy cells of London are any more unpleasant than the filthy cells of Morocco, we can safely assume that any punishment rained down upon Mr. Murray in the UK would likely to be stiffer than Tito Ortiz's body after he was lit up by Lee at the after party of UFC 38 (we take it that the Queen will not look favorably upon a person who helped (allegedly) commit the biggest bank heist in the history of the UK).

Lee is quickly becoming one of the most legendary and iconic mma fighters to have ever stepped into a cage - although for reasons totally unrelated to anything that he has done inside the cage. Besides stealing (allegedly) 53 million pounds (approximately 104.5 MILLION dollars) from the Securitas Depot in England and beating Tito's head like a pinata stuffed with candy in a royal rumble of the who's who of mma (it was the dress shoes!), Lee has also been nearly shanked to death outside of the Funky Buddha club in London and arrested in Morocco for "[c]ommitting violent crime and beating and humiliating members of the security forces." Lee even posted on The Underground Forum while elite British forces were seeking out his capture. Now that's gangster.

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