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DSE Attorney Refutes Rampage's Allegations

A few days ago, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made some startling revelations during a video interview with Gofish. In short, Jackson claimed that prior to his 2001 fight with Pride legend Kazushi Sakuraba, a couple of DSE officials informed him that he would receive $2000 to lose by KO or sumbission (without tapping) and $0 if he won. The implication was clear - Rampage was claiming that Pride was giving him an incentive to lose.

The Fight Network now reports that DSE attorney Tawnya Wojciechowski has the signed contract proving that while it is true that Rampage would be paid a bonus ($2,500) if he lost by submission or KO without tapping, he would also be paid a bonus ($4,000) if he won.

It is highly unlikely that an attorney would lie about the contents of a verifiable legal document that is in her possession, so we tend to believe that the contract is exactly as she states. And it is a very serious thing to throw around a false accusation of an mma organization working a fight. Giving Rampage the benefit of the doubt, however, it is also very unlikely that he actually ever read the contract or had anyone who could understand it read it to him (remember at the time, he was an unknown fighter on the verge of being “homeless”) – so its very possible that his conversation with the Japanese officials did take place, despite the terms of the contract. Hopefully Rampage or his people will clear this up in the near future.

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