e diel, 17 qershor 2007

The Diaz Brothers Bonding

Family reunions are always a source of good times full of warmth and love. For your typical family, such occasions call for scrumptious foods, healthy conversation and caring hugs.

As you might imagine - the Diaz's are NOT your typical family. Instead of all of those usual niceties, in the Diaz household, they just stab each other with fucking sais. That's right sais - the weapon of choice of the ninja turtle Raphael. And from the sound of it, these are REAL fucking sais. And if you look closely, someone that appears to be mother Diaz casually walks by while her kids are fighting each other with fucking sais. Amazing.

Ahhhhhh - those wacky Diaz brothers. Nothing like some good ole' fashion sibling bonding. So sweet, it almost brings a tear to my eye. And from what I hear, sai-fighting is only the beginning of the family fun. I hear that later in the day, Uncle Diaz lets loose a baby antelope in the yard for the younger Diaz's to chase down, kill and eat. Good times.

UPDATE: Fighting with nunchuckoos. Next up, bo staff, then katana swords.

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